You are not mad at someone you are just going mad

How many times you remember yourself saying I am mad at this I am mad at that? I can’t remember how many times I said that because I’ve been saying that for the last 30 years to everyone and everything. Think about these phrases: She is getting on my nerves, he is annoying me, she is so annoying…Why do you let others do this to you? I consider myself a disciple of Sadhguru and I will summarize here what he has been saying over and over again at different occasions.
You are not mad at someone or something: you are just going mad. Do you know the impact of your 5 minutes “being mad” on your energy body? So let’s do an experiment and let’s get mad at someone or something for five minutes every day. In less than a month, you will not be able to control it and these five minutes will become ten, fifteen or twenty minutes. And when you cross the line, you will be clinically ill and you will need a doctor.
Don’t give anyone else that power over yourself.

2 thoughts on “You are not mad at someone you are just going mad

  1. Hi Gaye, (I am always mad), thank you for your visit in Munich. If you need an accomadation again, please contact me … (Angela Probst, Munich) NAMASTE

    • Angela hi,
      I am totally new to this blogging thing and that’s why I just saw your comment. I am sorry for my late reply. I was so peaceful at your place and it would’t even cross my mind that you would be always mad. Why?
      I will definitely stay in you eden if available when I am in Munich again.
      I am happy that our paths crossed. Please remember you also have a place in Berlin.

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