You are here: Berlin Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

Today I happened to discover a wonderful guide-a collection of shops, cafes, stores and restaurants treasured by the MDC Cosmetics family. I found the second edition of ‘You are here’ at April First

MDC Cosmetics lies at the heart of two trendy Berlin neighborhoods: Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. MDC Cosmetics staff have been offering generous advice over the years about where to eat, where to have great coffee, and where to shop to visitors. They took this advice business serious and decided to issue a collection of the places they cherish to us.

It’s a pity that the magazine is not available online (at least I couldn’t find it) and that’s why here I will try to share with you MDC Cosmetics’ suggestions. I think they did a great job. In my next post ı will cover these places. Happy Fridays everyone!

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